Python Basics with FC Python

FC Python aim to make the basics of learning Python accessible to those that wish to learn, but may not have the advantage of access to paid resources or a background in maths of programming.

We recommend that you get Python installed with the instructions here, then follow along with our basics series listed below. The examples within certainly aren’t exhaustive, but they will give you an accessible introduction into the basic concepts with easy-to-follow examples based (sometimes tenuously!) on topics around football.

FC Python Crash Course:

  1. Numbers, Strings & Variables
  2. Comparisons & Logic
  3. If Statements
  4. For Loops
  5. While Loops
  6. Lists
  7. Dictionaries
  8. Python Modules
  9. Creating Functions
  10. Random with Expected Goals

Once you have a grasp of the concepts above, you should aim to move on to our introduction to data analysis in Python. Here, you’ll learn about cleaning and analysing data in Python, as well as visualisation of your insights.

If you have any questions, recommendations or requests, please get in touch!